HTI-97-DA Exportable
HTI-97-DA Exportable Hydrophones are widely used in the seismic industry for ocean bottom cables and nodal systems.
The exportable version of the HTI-97-DA Hydrophones are widely used in the seismic industry for nodal systems.


without preamp:
-193 dB re: 1V/µPa (22.4 V/Bar)

with preamp:
max — -157 dB re: 1V/μPa
min — -240 dB re: 1V/µPa

Frequency Response:
1 Hz to 5 kHz

Equivalent Input Self Noise:
RMS from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz:
70 dB re: 1 µPa
0.03 µBar

Preamplifier Type:
Current, Voltage, or Differential mode

Maximum Operating Depth:
*Cutoff switch activates at 950m +/- 50m depth
9,850 feet
3,000 meters

4.00” length x 1.125” dia.
Array Config.: 4.0" length x 1.5" dia.
*Smaller sizes available upon request

HTI hydrophones are highly customizable. Some of these customizations include:
  • Pre-Amplifier Gain
  • Pre-Amplifier Filter Settings
  • Bulkhead Mounting Endcaps
  • Cable Type
  • Cable Length
Please do not hesitate to contact us about any questions you may have about customizations.

Mechanical Outlines (For Reference Only):