About Us
Upper Management & Engineers
Stephen E. Spychalski
Founder / Chairman of the Board

Mr. Spychalski founded High Tech, Inc. in Gulfport, MS in 1989. He has over 34 years experience developing advanced acoustic measurement systems for the Navy and seismic industries. Before starting High Tech, Inc., he worked for Texas Instruments, Electrospace, PSI (Planning Systems Incorporated) now known as Qinetiq, and NRL (Naval Research Lab). Steve is no longer involved in the daily operations of the company, but is involved with strategic planning and marketing of High Tech, Inc. His integrity to both customers and High Tech personnel has laid a strong foundation for High Tech, Inc. to strive in the future.
Mary M. Rowe
Geophysicist and Data Acquisition Specialist

Ms. Rowe has 32 years experience as a geophysicist with an emphasis in data collection. Ten years of her career were with the Naval Research Laboratory involved in multi-channel marine seismic data experiments. She has a broad knowledge of data acquisition systems, ranging from fielding and operating seismic instruments to data collection and processing, as well as experience in software engineering on Linux and Windows platforms.
Brian S. Spychalski

Mr. Spychalski has been with the company since it started in 1989. He began as an entry level assembler and has worked up through the ranks over the last 27 years to his recently appointed position as President of High Tech, Inc., which went into effect in March 2012. He recently held the position of Vice President of High Tech, Inc from 2004-2012. As president, he is responsible for all aspects of operating the company and fiduciary duties of the corpoaration.
William T. Monroe III
Senior Systems and Electronics Design Engineer

Mr. Monroe has over 23 years of experience in the design and development of digital data acquisition systems. His work has centered on the design of marine data acquisition systems for the commercial seismic industry and the Navy. His experience has included the design of marine systems and associated firmware. He also has extensive field experience in system integration and problem solving.
Teresa A. Robirtson
Office Manager and Contract Administrator

Ms. Robirtson has over 28 years of government contract management experience. She has been with High Tech for 14 years and Avondale Shipyards for 9 years administering government contracts. She is also the High Tech office manager responsible for all aspects of business administration.
Adrienne F. Spychalski
Director of Operations

Ms. Spychalski has a BS in Engineering and has over 16 years experience with High Tech, Inc. She is the director of operations and is responsible for overseeing all manufacturing of High Tech's products. She plans, directs, and coordinates all manufacturing processes within the assembly plant. She confers with management, engineering, and other staff to facilitate production processes.
Scott A. Erickson
Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Erickson has over 10 years of experience with High Tech, Inc. Since 2005, he has worked in assembly work flow, research and development, product prototyping, performance testing, 3D-CAD design and modeling, and mechanical systems design. He is responsible for the design of machined parts used in hydrophone assemblies, recording systems, arrays, and product manufacturing processes. He works with High Tech's machine shop to optimize part design, CAD/CAM integration, and fabrication scheduling.