The Reftek-17 Calibrated Hydrophone is a low impedance precision instrument. The Reftek-17 is a calibrated hydrophone and low impedance precision instrument. A high quality ceramic element is insulated in an epoxy housing and the charge amplifier is protected by a brass cylinder. Replaceable internal lithium batteries power the preamplifier and provide dependable low frequency response for one year. Each Reftek-17 hydrophone is calibrated by the Naval Research Laboratory Underwater Sound Reference Division in Orlando, Florida, USA. A calibration certificate accompanies each hydrophone.

Dual levels at 1 or 10 volt/bar

Frequency Response:
-2.6 Hz to greater than 2 kHz

Pressure Sensitivity Response:
-0.2 dB max per 1,000 kPa

Output Impedance:
50 Ohms Small Signal

Battery Voltage:
3 Volts, self contained lithium cells

Battery Life:
1 Year

Environcon XSG-4BCL
Cablex bulkhead optional

9.0” length x 1.5” dia.

Monitoring marine energy sources
Far Field
Near Field